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Approval & testing 
of medical devices

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Market access

We prepare you to launch and successfully position your safe medical device on the intended target market – quick and compliant with the rules


During the development
In continuous exchange, we update the technical documentation as an optimal test preparation. – So innovation can take hold again.


We aid in communication with notified bodies & authorities and guide the simplified compilation of all necessary documents.

You have international plans and stumble at the hurdles CE, FDA, ANVISA, CMDCAS, MDSAP or SFDA?

The grueling sprint to document finish should be avoided for future authority communication?

Do you need a mediating & neutral voice in the communicative exchange with the Admissions Office?

Do these topics sound familiar to you?

Then take advantage of our know-how around the international regulations for medical devices. Make an appointment with us!

Well-structured and organized to master the requirements of the regulations

Approval & Testing

tecurat GmbH supports you on your path to the successful approval of your products.

Integral part
Approval per se is not a separate process in the life cycle of a medical device. Rather, the obligation of documentation is to be viewed as integral part of development, in which the simultaneous participation of all departments and stakeholders involved in the manufacturing process is necessary.

Thus the application for approval should not hold up your entire company and bring your day-to-day business to a standstill. We support you in developing a suitable approval strategy (medical device, IVD, combination products, machines, etc.). This includes, among other things, the identification of the applicable standards with (harmonized) norms, directives & guidelines.

Iterative process
Product monitoring is an essential part of updating your technical documentation. This includes all associated corrective measures, such as the correction of identified deficiencies & their feedback root cause research & incorporation of PMS / PMCF results into the current development processes.

The associated risk analysis & assessment is a particular concern for us.

Solely the consideration, integration & processing of all reported and observed risks can maintain an acceptable benefit-risk ratio for the patient.

Simplify the navigation through your product’s development history for authorities. Shorten the processing time of your approval application and thus valuable resources through a company-coordinated document & development management.

Optimized approval strategies to accelerate your approval and increase the quality of your product documentation.

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