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ORCANOS offers a wide & diverse range of functionality. You can start with a pre-configured basic package, which will later be extended, adapting to your company's internal processes.

We are a certified ORCANOS sales partner with in-depth product knowledge for implementation, configuration & valida-tion. We accompany you expertly in the implementation of the 'how'.


ORCANOS enables structured data acquisi-tion and transparent process control, making it easy to monitor the quality & consistency of your data & processes. – ORCANOS is the auditor in the system.

Would you like to start with an all-round carefree package that provides an initial pre-selection?

You don't want to buy another software where you are on your own after purchase?

Are you hoping that digitalization will provide a consistency and compliance check at sys-tem level?

Do these topics sound familiar to you?

Then take advantage of our service around the tool giant ORCANOS and make an appointment with us!

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the solution for sustainable
business management

Every medical device has an individual life cycle, which should be digitally mapped just as specifically scalable in a management system.

Modular structure
ORCANOS is a cloud-based digitalization platform with which you can define the aspects of the life cycle of your medical device, being able to sustainably document:

In doing so, the processes of:

can be differentiated in a preconfigured structure.

Information Units
Interlocking of the higher-level process design is represented and structured in redundancy-reducing information units. As a result, documents are not stored in their entirety but are modularly combined and read in depending on the topic-related granularity of their structure.

Development requirements
ORCANOS offers convenient solutions for com-prehensive workflow management in its systemarchitecture, especially for development documentation.

Interaction in the company
The common platform improves collaboration between the various stakeholders and enables them to generate essential knowledge from the existing information.

This form of information archiving increases efficiency, improves product safety with opti-mized risk management and reduces operating costs.

ORCANOS integrates all aspects of a:

Impression of the joint stand at Medica 2022 in Düsseldorf
from left to right, Sven Schaumann CEO tecurat GmbH, Rami Azulay I VP Sales & Marketing ORCANOS, Zohar Peretz I CEO ORCANOS

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