Company-coordinated consulting

Expert consultation for 
manufacturers of medical devices

tecurat GmbH – Experts of the industry for the industry


We are a team of experts located all around Germany. Thus, our customer service is locally flexible. If you do not want it to take place remotely, it can be provided on site instead.

Cost effective

We prefer to work digitally via common communication platforms. This eliminates, among other things, the costs of travel, the provision of workplace and consumables etc.


In addition to the company-coordinated consulting services regarding your obliga-tions as a medical device manufacturer, we also provide support in the individual devel-opment of employee skills.

The project training could preferably take place on site, but afterwards the work might have to be done remotely.

Your resources are limited and you need expert information summarized in only a couple of words.

The training to become a quality manage-ment representative would just be of interest to individual employees.

Do these concerns sound familiar to you?

Personal consulting – essential & indispensable

Your company

strategically fit for the future

We help you to smoothly deliver your safe medical device to your intended target market.

Comprehensive & solutionoriented

We advise you holistically on the current challenges you are confronted with as a manufacturer of medical devices.

We consider ourselves as problem solvers who see every hurdle as an opportunity not as insurmountable obstacle.

From the perspective of process & competence optimization, we provide you with suggestions for simplifying & increasing the efficiency of your everyday business. An improvement does not necessarily mean an addition, but rather the reduction of friction loss.

Employee competencies

In addition to the technical aspects we also focalize personnel interface management in the company. As only if the team is qualified in all aspects and interacts in the best possible way, you can provide a safe, high-performance medical device with an economic benefit in addition to added value for the patient

Special expertise

Engineers of medical and electrotechnology nand atural scientists with many years of development and project experience in medical technology support you professionally in particular:

Only a perfect interaction of all components involved in a manufacturing process can lead to entrepreneurial and clinical success.

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