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Knowledge transfer 
in medical technology

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Skill acquisition

Whether start-up, small or medium-sized enterprise or industry – we contribute essential expertise to your company. So you can cover all topics related to your medical device long term and master key skills.

Format of conveyance

It is your choice how the knowledge transfer should take place. We offer the possibility of live seminars, online trainings, personal coaching or workshops alongside the realization of your work packages.


We provide you with comprehensible documents guiding you through the independent implementation of your goals. Help for self-help – creating a long term solution, set to maintain the quality of your medical device.

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Take advantage of the privilege of learning

Qualify your employees

by acquiring expertise

Well-founded knowledge opens new perspectives to discover innovations and potential for improvement

Employee skillset
The qualification of your employees is an essential requirement of the valid quality standard. Only those who have the required skillset for the job can contribute significantly to guarantee, you as a manufacturer, the high quality and conformity prerequisite for your safe & high-performance medical device.

Comprehensible knowledge transfer
We put emphasis on coveying our complex training content (standards, laws, etc.) in an easily accessible and understandable manner.

Importance of standards
Because we are firmly convinced that standards & guidelines make an essential contribution to the development & production of safe & high-performance medical devices and to the creation of sustainable & traceable structures in your company.
Therefore, it is particularly important to us to make the contents and motivations of the regulations plausibel & catchy to the training recipients, in order to empower your employees to record, understand, implement compliant & pragmatic core information of the standards & anchor them in a routine.

Knowledge creates quality
Only then can it be possible to provide the patient with a medical device that meets the requirements in which the risks of appropriate use have been reduced to a minimum.

Training Topics
Examples of general training prospects for medical device manufacturers include:

Well-trained employees – the real capital of your company.

Choose which type of knowledge transfer is the best & most practical for you and your target audience.

Trainings and seminars

We offer our training seminars remotely or on-site at your company premises. You determine the place, time & number of participants. We are flexible & adaptable.

Personally ‘On-the-job’

We have observed that learning by practical example has the most lasting effects. Therefore, we recommend employees to accompany us during the implementation.

Online Training

Through our online course offer, you can turn your young employees into experts in selfstudy and relieve yourself and your team in training and guiding new colleagues.

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